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The Wicked Child of Procrastination

by Shane Gramling on April 15, 2013

Yesterday I was encouraging my dear wife to chase a recent flame of inspiration, and through that conversation my eyes were opened to a new comparison I’d like to share: “If you impregnate Inspiration with Procrastination, it will surely give birth to a monster, and his name will be Regret.” Yes, we’re gettin’ heavy on [...]


$125 OFF Portrait Session Packages

by Shane Gramling on April 1, 2013

Announcement time! I’m giving $125 off all portrait session packages scheduled for the entire month of May, 2013. Now there are only 12 slots open for the entire month and I’d like to finish off the month and book it solid. Combine my “$75/$75″ referral certificates and top off your deal with some extra prints along [...]


Privacy: A Thing Of The Past?

by Shane Gramling on March 9, 2013

Sure, we’re not in flying cars yet, but the future is emerging strong in a field aside from transportation; facial recognition software. Business Insider recently published an article naming the top five places you’ll be identified by facial recognition software. Apparently all of Japan has become way ahead of the game in this, where vending [...]