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Shane Gramling is a husband and father of three, web & print communications design expert, worship leader, photographer, cyclist, and flintoid


Defend Your Art

by Shane Gramling on October 1, 2013

Sometimes you have to turn down work for the sake of your art. This past weekend a local restaurant (a place that I absolutely love, by the way) contacted me for a photography gig. Their fall menu was in place and they needed some good food shots for use in marketing and advertising through multiple [...]


The Power of Color: Illustrated

by Shane Gramling on April 7, 2013

Some people see pink, others see salmon – tomato, tomato? Or worlds away from each other? A slight shift in color such as this can move a whole different crowd. Color is extremely important, and color has the power to move people, and to move on it’s own, aside from composition and brightness or contrast. There’s an [...]


Photographer Killed for Attempted Bieber Shot

by Shane Gramling on January 2, 2013

A photographer was killed Tuesday, struck by a car crossing a freeway to simply snap a photo of Justin Bieber. Read the full story here on CNN. It’s a sad and tragic incident that this guy was killed like this. I think whats more sad is the fact that we live in a society where [...]