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How To: LinkedIn Suicide

by Shane Gramling on October 4, 2013

Suicide is final.
There is no going back, and the same goes for what I to call “LinkedIn suicide”.

I am writing about this because I am starting to see a deadly pattern on LinkedIn. Its something that seems great at first, but long-term speaking, people are just shooting themselves in the foot. This past week I received a message from one of my LinkedIn contacts. But, it wasn’t a real message at all, it was a straightforward sales push. Spam.

The email was titled: “You’re goiLinkedIn Suicideng to Fall In Love with my new FALL Discounts on Websites & Mobile Apps” and the message itself: “Were at it again! Get 20% off any Website Design or get your very own Android Mobile App for only $75.”. Not to mention the grammar error in the very first word which is another topic altogether, this person sent this message to a group of other people, my email address has become exposed to all of those contacts. Whenever you send a message to multiple recipients like this you need to be using the BCC field (That stands for ‘Blind Carbon Copy’) so the email addresses are disguised from each other.

How is this Suicide?
LinkedIn is a business networking site. Not a place to spam people with your sales message. It’s a place where you build up an image and reputation for yourself, make strong contacts with meaningful relationships and share valuable content. Once you start sending messages like this to your contacts, you begin to paint a picture in the eyes of your audience of you being a ‘sales person’ – and no one wants to buy from that guy who is always trying to sell.

I’m going to say that one more time, because a lot of people really don’t get this:
No one wants to buy from that guy who is always trying to sell!

People want trust, and relationship – they buy from others whom they feel they have a connection with or from people they know well. Use LinkedIn for this purpose only and don’t start burning bridges by sending mass sales messages to your contacts.

And hey, while we’re on the topic – connect with me on LinkedIn and ask me anything! 


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