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Tech Partnership Lets You Encourage Bullied Victims

by Shane Gramling on August 19, 2013

When you’re bullied – especially as a child, it’s hard to reach out to an adult and speak about the problem.

You may have been threatened by the bully to not tell anyone, or you may feel ashamed of the situation. As a result, our youth tends to bottle-up bullying issues and over time all those small painful words snowball into serious issue – sometimes leading as far as suicide.

There’s a new kid on the block, and he’s YOU…
A non-profit named “Be More Heroic” announced a partnership with social media site named “Dubbler” where users can take a recording of themselves for 60 seconds and modify the voice, and add music/photos so it is posted to the site completely anonymously for any victims in fear of retaliation. The partnership started using hashtags like #BeMoreHeroic, #PassItOn, and #SayNoToBullying.

Simply posting about your problem can give great relief simply by letting the weight off your shoulders – but it’s the massive community who reaches out with text and audio clips of advice and encouragement that sets this service apart from everyone else.

Too many people want to talk about Bullying without taking action, but now each and every one of us have the ability to give some encouragement to a hurting child – whether they live on our street, or a thousand miles away.

So the next time you spend three hours doing nothing on Facebook, think about taking 60 seconds to make someone else’s life better: Snag the app here.



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