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Referral Key Legit? Proceed With Caution – Maybe Scam??

by Shane Gramling on August 2, 2013

Tonight I received a slightly spammy looking email from one of my LinkedIn contacts that read as follows:Untitled-1

I was curious about Referral Key so I looked them up. Turns out, they seem to be a legit referral business on the surface. However, after a little more searching it seems they use some very sneaky tactics to snag your LinkedIn contacts and blast emails like these to your entire list; a dirty tactic that will make you look less than professional.

Furthermore they’re subscribed me to a list that I now have to unsubscribe from. Not cool, and against the can-spam laws.

I’ve collected a number of reviews on this service for your reference:

Claire Diaz-Ortiz compiled a full and humorous review of the service on her blog:

Many fellow LinkedIn members are discussing Referral Key with a good dose of confusion:

Miller Cathy talks about how she fell for it, saying: “Through my fault – through my fault – through my most grievous fault”:

Do you have any experience with Referral Key?
Have you earned some free steak yet with the service?
I’m all ears.


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