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Tech Partnership Lets You Encourage Bullied Victims

by Shane Gramling on August 19, 2013

When you’re bullied – especially as a child, it’s hard to reach out to an adult and speak about the problem. You may have been threatened by the bully to not tell anyone, or you may feel ashamed of the situation. As a result, our youth tends to bottle-up bullying issues and over time all [...]


Referral Key Legit? Proceed With Caution – Maybe Scam??

by Shane Gramling on August 2, 2013

Tonight I received a slightly spammy looking email from one of my LinkedIn contacts that read as follows: I was curious about Referral Key so I looked them up. Turns out, they seem to be a legit referral business on the surface. However, after a little more searching it seems they use some very sneaky [...]