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Social Media: 5 Years Out, Will Google+ Rule?

by Shane Gramling on July 31, 2013

Castle Rule Google+

The web changes so very rapidly these days. An hour on Twitter is comparable to an entire day in real life (you know, those things we used to do with our hands and physical bodies). I often wonder “what will be next?” – looking down five years from now, who will be dominating as the main social media player?

Currently, Facebook has over 1.15 billion MAU’s (Monthly Active Users) as of June 30, 2013 and that number continues to grow. However, since Facebook showed up on the stock market, there have been a number of changes on the popular social media site that are geared more toward advertising, and less toward the user experience. That sounds like a good business model, and may work in theory, but so does communism.

All of these changes such as more sponsored stories, and ‘content customized for you’ within news feeds are beginning to irritate the user base – even though it seem to be growing. News is surfacing that Facebook video ads are coming in the near future as well – and that has a lot of people concerned, and many are on the verge of jumping ship. Facebook video ads might be the hair that breaks the social giant’s back.

When Facebook starts shrinking, will they pull back on advertising, or will a decreased amount of traffic with an increase in advertising please the investors? Time will only tell.

I know one things is certain: when people divorce Facebook, they’re going to run straight into the arms of Google. Google was late to the social media sphere, but showing up late isn’t always a bad thing. They are smart, and look to the future. Google was able to study out social media pitfalls, and watch what was working vs. what was not working and I believe they built Google+ with the future in mind, which is why it hasn’t flourished just yet – they’ve strategically designed a puzzle piece that will fit into place as things change over time.

What’s up?
What are your thoughts on Google+ dominating 5-years out? Do Facebook ads irritate you to death or do you just scroll on by? Comment below or find me on twitter @shanegramling – I want to know your thoughts on where things are headed, from your perspective, in your region – and field of work!


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